Notes To My (Legal) Self

Notes To My (Legal) Self

Hosted by: Olga V. Mack

Hello! Welcome to Notes To My (Legal) Self. Together with our incredible guests, we explore topics of interest to in-house lawyers -- career, practice tips, leadership, the future of law, mental health, legal tech,...


Season 5, Episode 4: Game Changer - Machines vs Attorneys with Jordan Chapnik Kadec

Season #5 Episode #4

Jordan Chapnik-Kadec brings 15 years of Operations background, 7 of them specializing in Legal Operations for In-House legal department. Jordan holds MBA degree and graduated MIT Sloan School of Management  program...
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Season 5, Episode 3: Breaking Down Stovepipes and Silos with Robin Taylor

Season #5 Episode #3

Robin Taylor leads the global nonprofit, Lawyers Without Borders, harnessing the power of pro bono service to promote the rule of law and increase access to justice. Under her leadership, Lawyers Without Borders...
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Season 5, Episode 2: Coaching In-House Legal Leaders with Aparna Williams

Season #5 Episode #2

Aparna Dasai Williams joined Coalfire Systems, Inc. in 2022 as General Counsel. She is an accomplished in-house legal leader with over 20 years of experience scaling and managing global legal teams for high growth...
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Season 5, Episode 1: Evolving Issues in Data Privacy with Alex A. Rosales

Season #5 Episode #1

Since 2003,  Alex has been advising tech's leading companies on complex commercial arrangements and the handling of personal data. Alex focuses on new products and services and on commercial arrangements involving...
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