Notes To My (Legal) Self

Notes To My (Legal) Self

Hosted by: Olga V. Mack

Hello! Welcome to Notes To My (Legal) Self. Together with our incredible guests, we explore topics of interest to in-house lawyers -- career, practice tips, leadership, the future of law, mental health, legal tech,...


Season 3, Episode 20: The Fear of Letting Go - A Journey to Self with Niti Nadarajah and Lisa Lang

Season #3 Episode #20

With academic prowess comes a fear of failure and perfectionism. As lawyers, this fear is honed time and time again - at school, when we go to university and later when we start practicing. Making mistakes is frowned...
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Season 3, Episode 19: Calling All Aspiring GCs with David Hamm

Season #3 Episode #19

David Hamm is Senior Counsel – Corporate at Summit Materials where he provides legal support for the company’s board and its committees, SEC filings and other disclosure matters, mergers and acquisitions and...
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Season 3, Episode 18: The Future of Law with Electra Japonas

Season #3 Episode #18

Electra Japonas is the co-founder of oneNDA, the first peer-to-peer, legal community-led initiative to create a universally standardized, open-source NDA contract. Electra worked for over ten years in various large...
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Season 3, Episode 17: Creating the New Conscious Legal System with J Kim Wright

Season #3 Episode #17

For over two decades, J Kim Wright has been an advocate for systems change in the law. She focuses on a set of values and models called Integrative Law. In the early 2000s, Kim attended dozens of events and...
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Season 3, Episode 16: Freelance Paralegals with Berlinda Bernard

Season #3 Episode #16

Berlinda Bernard is an experienced paralegal, owner and founder of Quintessential Pillar Paralegal Consulting, LLC. Prior to starting her paralegal consulting business, Berlinda spent 12 years utilizing her education,...
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Season 3, Episode 15: Storytelling for Thought Leaders with Jay Harrington

Season #3 Episode #15

Jay Harrington is the President of Harrington Communications, a leading thought-leadership marketing agency for the professional services industry. Jay has written four books, hosts The Thought Leadership Project...
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Season 3, Episode 14: Mental Illness with Emma Sharma

Season #3 Episode #14

Emma Sharma serves as Chief Administrative Officer; General Counsel of Valiant Integrated Services, overseeing many of the organization's vital administrative and legal functions. As one of the core executive team...
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Season 3, Episode 13: Board Service with Marla Persky

Season #3 Episode #13

Marla Persky is CEO and President of WOMN LLC, a company dedicated to helping women succeed in the business of law by increasing their knowledge of and acuity with financial drivers, client development, and...
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Season 3, Episode 12: COOL in COOmpLiance with Stanley Lui

Season #3 Episode #12

Stanley Lui is TI Fluid Systems’ Legal Director for the APAC region, mainly dealing with legal and risk aspects in both the selling and manufacturing fronts.  Between 2015 and 2018, he served as the Head of Legal and...
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Season 3, Episode 11: Instagram-Worthy Privacy Statements - Challenging the Status Quo with Anna Posthumus Meyjes

Season #3 Episode #11

Anna Posthumus Meyjes is a lawyer with 10 years experience in international litigation turned legal designer (lawyer + information designer) and founder of Aclara Legal Design. She brings creativity, design and a...
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Season 3, Episode 9: Being a Solo GC with Kristen Porter

Season #3 Episode #9

Kristen Porter has more than 20 years of experience in legal compliance, risk management, government relations, and contract negotiation in the automotive, aerospace, appliance, real estate, and home automation...
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Season 3, Episode 8: How to Think Creatively about the Law with Tessa Manuello

Season #3 Episode #8

Tessa Manuello is Legal Design pioneer, Internationally recognized speaker, Certified High Performance Coach, Tessa Manuello is considered one of the world's reference in Legal Design and Innovation. She's regularly...
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