Notes To My (Legal) Self

Notes To My (Legal) Self

Hosted by: Olga V. Mack

Hello! Welcome to Notes To My (Legal) Self. Together with our incredible guests, we explore topics of interest to in-house lawyers -- career, practice tips, leadership, the future of law, mental health, legal tech,...


Season 2, Episode 20: Legal Design with Marty Finestone

Season #2 Episode #20

Marty Finestone is an artist, DJ, lawyer, and legal designer. Marty has over 15 years of experience in private practice, in-house, and government. Today, he helps in-house legal and business teams simplify their legal...
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Season 2, Episode 19: Selecting a Mediator with Winter Wheeler

Season #2 Episode #19

Winter Wheeler is a former top civil litigator who has made her niche as an expert mediator. She is sought out for her unique, compassionate, and successful style handling complex matters that involve a diverse range...
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Season 2, Episode 18: Diversity Metrics 3.0 - Correlation and Automation with David Cunningham and Ashley Clingo

Season #2 Episode #18

David Cunningham is the founder of the data-driven legal ops initiative Legal Metrics and the Chief Information Officer of Winston & Strawn. Ashley Clingo is a licensed attorney who focuses on bringing Legal...
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Season 2, Episode 17: Why I’m Trading Contracts for Code with Ryan Finn

Season #2 Episode #17

Ryan Finn is an attorney turned technologist working at the intersection of people/process/tech innovation. He loves contracts—especially those that facilitate strategic business growth and currently works in the...
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Season 2, Episode 16: Unicorns Do Exist with Sarah Stogner

Season #2 Episode #16

For the past 13 years, Sarah Stogner has helped energy-related businesses understand, mitigate, allocate, and manage risk. She is now bringing that experience to help cannabis-related entities learn from other...
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Season 2, Episode 15: Limitless Mindsets to Elevate Your Legal Career with Charlotte Smith

Season #2 Episode #15

Charlotte Smith is a former lawyer and professionally certified leadership coach. Starting her career at a top-tier UK law firm, she now resides in Silicon Valley coaching lawyer leaders from around the globe....
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Season 2, Episode 14: After Getting the Seat at the Table with Yilin Chen

Season #2 Episode #14

Yilin Chen is General Counsel at Hearth. Hearth is a fintech company with a SaaS platform that provides over 10,000 contractors the financial tools they need to close more business, including financing solutions,...
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Season 2, Episode 13: Data Storytelling with Julie Honor

Season #2 Episode #13

Julie Honor is General Counsel at 3Q Digital, where she brings an energetic and passionate change management approach to in-house legal, partnering with various leaders throughout the organization to identify and...
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Season 2, Episode 12: Loving Your Job vs. Loving Your Work with Punam Kaji

Season #2 Episode #12

Punam Kaji is Assistant General Counsel at Ben E. Keith Company, a food and alcohol distributor.  Her practice focuses on employment and litigation matters for the Company, which has about 5000 employees working in 14...
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Season 2, Episode 11: Parsing the Biotech Enigma with Darshan Kulkarni

Season #2 Episode #11

Darshan is the Principal Attorney of the Kulkarni Law Firm, and focuses his practice on providing life science, healthcare and healthtech companies with comprehensive regulatory advice. Darshan has worked at multiple...
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Season 2, Episode 10: Unconscious Bias with Helen Yoon

Season #2 Episode #10

Helen Yoon is Assistant General Counsel – North America, for Brink’s, Incorporated. She received her Bachelor of Arts in History from The University of Texas at Austin and her Juris Doctorate from The University of...
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Season 2, Episode 9: Bringing Wellness Back and Its Benefits to the Bottom Line with Monica Phillips

Season #2 Episode #9

Monica Phillips is the president and founder of Spark Plug Labs. She delivers powerful keynotes and workshops on wellness, heart-based leadership, team culture, and business development. She is a Career Coach with the...
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