Notes To My (Legal) Self

Notes To My (Legal) Self

Hosted by: Olga V. Mack

Hello! Welcome to Notes To My (Legal) Self. Together with our incredible guests, we explore topics of interest to in-house lawyers -- career, practice tips, leadership, the future of law, mental health, legal tech,...


Season 4, Episode 8: Finding Your Voice as a Trusted Advisor with Alexandra Ross

Season #4 Episode #8

Alexandra Ross is Senor Director, Senior Data Protection, Use & Ethics Counsel at Autodesk, Inc. where she provides legal, strategic and governance support for Autodesk’s global privacy, security, data use and...
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Season 4, Episode 7: Perception IS Reality with Carolyn Herzog

Season #4 Episode #7

Carolyn Herzog is a C-Suite executive with over 25 years of broad technology experience in multinational companies, having worked in the U.S. and overseas.  Currently, as EVP, General Counsel, Company Secretary and...
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Season 4, Episode 6: Crafting an International In-house Counsel Career with Nikhil Patel

Season #4 Episode #6

Nikhil Patel is an internationally experienced in-house counsel with a top tier M.B.A. and LL.M. He has hands-on generalist experience in the pharmaceutical and FMCG industries, across Europe, Asia, the Middle East...
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Season 4, Episode 5: "Fail Better" - The importance of a growth mindset with Victoria Libin

Season #4 Episode #5

Victoria Libin is an accomplished strategic legal executive with a passion for disruptive technology. She most recently was at Accenture Digital, where she led a global team of senior lawyers focused on expansion into...
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Season 4, Episode 4: How to Get Hired as a GC of an Early Stage Company with Andy Dale

Season #4 Episode #4

Andy Dale is General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer of Alyce, Inc. a B2B gifting and engagement platform.  Andy leads all legal affairs including data privacy, strategic partnerships and corporate compliance.  He...
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Season 4, Episode 3: Outside General Counsel and Alternative Fee Arrangement with Steven J. Shanker, Esq.

Season #4 Episode #3

For the past 20 years, Steven J. Shanker, Esq. has helped businesses that provide for-hire transportation navigate the complex industry they work in and the unique legal issues they face. Through his understanding of...
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Season 4, Episode 2: Better Contract Content with Chris Simkins

Season #4 Episode #2

Chris is an experienced commercial lawyer who now specialises in helping clients optimise how contracts are created, agreed and managed. This includes working with clients to develop and design better contracts. Chris...
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Season 4, Episode 1: Better Contract Design with Stefania Passera and Paula Doyle

Season #4 Episode #1

Stefania Passera is a contract design and simplification expert based in Espoo, Finland. She runs her one-woman consultancy Passera Design, and is Contract Designer in Residence at World Commerce & Contracting. In...
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Season 3, Episode 20: The Fear of Letting Go - A Journey to Self with Niti Nadarajah and Lisa Lang

Season #3 Episode #20

With academic prowess comes a fear of failure and perfectionism. As lawyers, this fear is honed time and time again - at school, when we go to university and later when we start practicing. Making mistakes is frowned...
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Season 3, Episode 19: Calling All Aspiring GCs with David Hamm

Season #3 Episode #19

David Hamm is Senior Counsel – Corporate at Summit Materials where he provides legal support for the company’s board and its committees, SEC filings and other disclosure matters, mergers and acquisitions and...
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Season 3, Episode 18: The Future of Law with Electra Japonas

Season #3 Episode #18

Electra Japonas is the co-founder of oneNDA, the first peer-to-peer, legal community-led initiative to create a universally standardized, open-source NDA contract. Electra worked for over ten years in various large...
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Season 3, Episode 17: Creating the New Conscious Legal System with J Kim Wright

Season #3 Episode #17

For over two decades, J Kim Wright has been an advocate for systems change in the law. She focuses on a set of values and models called Integrative Law. In the early 2000s, Kim attended dozens of events and...
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