Season 4, Episode 15: Alternative In-House Paths with Kevin Keller

Season #4 Episode #15

Kevin Keller counseled, advised, invested and been an inventor for a wide variety of start-ups and emerging tech businesses, including being the first in-house legal support for moonshots of some of the worlds largest tech companies.

Kevin  is an engineer and attorney with broad experience that includes privacy, intellectual property, employment, regulatory, compliance, complex commercial contracts and general product counseling. He has developed and led diverse and inclusive teams that supported the development and worldwide launch of innovative consumer and enterprise hardware, software and services, including innovative retail and payment solutions, advanced autonomous robotics, social media, text, audio and video content and physical retail and delivery services.

Law schools rarely show students more than a handful of possible career paths, leading a lot of students to believe that one of the only ways to be successful is to run the BigLaw gauntlet and then turn to working in-House at similarly big and apparent stable companies. In this episode, Kevin Keller will discuss his walk down one of those conventional paths, but also why some of his best career moves and the best career moves of those he knows were not those imagined by law school career counselors and were real leaps of faith. In addition Kevin will explore some of his insights after meeting with hundreds of law students and practitioners over his career to discuss career paths and choices.