Season 4, Episode 19: We've Had It Backwards the Entire Time with Chad Aboud

Season #4 Episode #19

Chad Aboud tries hard to be an approachable General Counsel that focuses on genuine and fun relationships built on selflessness and curiosity, so that we all create amazing solutions and find fulfillment in our careers. Chad currently holds a position of a General Counsel at AudienceView, where he creates and leads the Legal function for an int'l portfolio of tech companies. There, he is responsible for developing scalable LegalTech, systems and tools to empower the business and leading cross-functional projects.

In the Legal industry we 've been inundated with self-promotion and the pressure to get the bigger title, salary increase, or book of business. Yet we know that even after meeting these milestones, so many Lawyers remain unfulfilled and dissatisfied with our profession. That's because we've had it backwards. Lifting others first, lifts us in a way that's more rewarding internally and creates greater external success. The best news is that there are so many fast and no/lost cost ways to prove this to ourselves. It just takes a bit of curiosity and humility for our outlook to change.