Season 5, Episode 1: Evolving Issues in Data Privacy with Alex A. Rosales

Season #5 Episode #1

Since 2003,  Alex has been advising tech's leading companies on complex commercial arrangements and the handling of personal data. Alex focuses on new products and services and on commercial arrangements involving personal data, responding to data breaches, cross-border data transfers, marketing/ad tech, and data governance. He has provided trainings on evolving areas of data privacy law such as cookie compliance and was recently named to the 2022 Top 50 Lawyers In America list. Alex is certified by the IAPP in both the U.S. and in the E.U. and holds a global MBA from INSEAD in France.

Do you know just how much information companies around the world collect about you? If you did, would this change your behavior online or even in the real world? There is a massive sea change in the way governments around the world are looking at personal data and consumer rights are at the heart of this debate. The companies that "get" privacy will lead the transition to a future where our personal data will be seen for what it is...a global currency...those that don't will lose not only consumer trust but also market share. Big Brother has been watching for a long time. How this story ends is in the hands of big tech and the in-house legal teams that advise them.