Season 5, Episode 2: Coaching In-House Legal Leaders with Aparna Williams

Season #5 Episode #2

Aparna Dasai Williams joined Coalfire Systems, Inc. in 2022 as General Counsel. She is an accomplished in-house legal leader with over 20 years of experience scaling and managing global legal teams for high growth private and public software companies. She was previously Head of Legal at Shippo, a venture backed ecommerce company, AGC at Imperva, Inc., a privately held application security technology company, and Senior Director at Symantec Corporation, the world's largest public cybersecurity company at the time. She is excited to be a board member of the Pride Hockey Association, fostering youth hockey for girls and propelling them into success in their education and sports careers. Aparna received her B.A. in Literature and History from the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) and a J.D. from the UNC Chapel Hill School of Law. Aparna is admitted to practice in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC.

It's easy to impress young lawyers with your story and how you overcame obstacles and became a seasoned and respected in-house leader; but usually we leave out a lot of the mundane and repetition and frustration to spin a good tale. It's important not only to share your story, with brutal truth, but to coach the next generation to use their own strengths and perspectives to achieve their own style of success. Join Aparna Dasai Williams, a 20+ year veteran of in-house tech legal, for this episode of NTMLS. She will reveal her trials and errors, and some successes in the journey to learning how to coach and develop the next generation to be invaluable business partners and leaders in their organizations.