Season 5, Episode 10: How To Stop People-Pleasing & Start Setting Boundaries with Olivia Vizachero

Olivia Vizachero, a former BigLaw commercial litigator and criminal defense attorney, runs The Less Stressed Lawyer, a boutique life coaching practice for lawyers. As a Certified Life Coach, she works with lawyers who are over the overwhelm and want to live lives with less stress and far more fulfillment by teaching them how to manage their mindset and make themselves and their well-being their top priority. She’s also the host of The Less Stressed Lawyer Podcast and a co-author of the book #Networked, a pandemic anthology written by 20 women lawyers about networking and building successful businesses during a global public health crisis.

So many attorneys struggle with achieving balance between their personal and professional lives and end up feeling overwhelmed and anxious as a result. One of the most helpful solutions they can implement to start living lives with less stress and far more fulfillment is to stop people pleasing and to start setting and honoring healthy boundaries. But that's easier said than done. Join Olivia Vizachero, certified life coach to lawyers and founder of The Less Stressed Lawyer, as she teaches you how to put an end to your people-pleasing tendencies once and for all.