Season 5, Episode 11: Give Away Your Legos: The Case For A Team of Generalists with Logan Maley

Logan Maley is someone who really likes what she does. She believes she found her niche. She loves being in-house in tech because she gets to do all of the things she enjoys doing and that she think she's good at; strategy, advisory work, negotiating, making an impact, being creative, working and collaborating with a variety of people who have diverse skill sets and strengths. What really makes her job--and her life--fulfilling, however, is connecting with people. Logan likes to say that she's a serious professional who doesn't take herself too seriously. The second attorney in at Procore, she's seen the company scale from a private company with sub-500 employees, US only, to a NYSE-listed global company with over 3,000 employees and growing. She helped the company prepare for its IPO in every way (twice actually, thanks pandemic). Logan loves the journey of scaling a company and continues to enjoy each new phase of maturity. She has worn many hats and supported just about every practice area possible. She is currently supporting legal and compliance for their new ventures in FinTech, broadening her experience out of B2B SaaS. Aside from being a lawyer/tech exec, Logan is a mom of two awesome little humans, a spouse to one awesome very tall gentleman, a lover and player of music, and the one always hosting the parties.

Molly Graham, a seasoned tech-exec, wrote an amazing piece about scaling a tech company in which she said "if you personally want to grow as fast as your company, you have to give away your job every couple months." Logan Maley has taken this approach to heart and will talk about how a "team of generalists" in a high-growth tech company can help legal teams meet each phase of maturity and help legal leaders keep not-yet-GC-level employees on board and engaged long past IPO or other late-stages of growth.